Finding the Right Therapy for You at Our Mental Health Treatment Center

Mental Health Treatment Center

Have been researching treatment centers only to find that they all more or less sound the same? Does it feel like one mental health treatment center blurs into the next? That’s perfectly understandable. We know how difficult it can be to find the right center for yourself or someone that you love. Indeed, many of our trained professionals have gone through the same process you are right now: researching online and looking for someone that can help. Here at Revive Premier Treatment Center, our trained pros offer many kinds of proven therapeutic modalities. 


So many who come to us for help with their mental health feel like they can’t stop or control their negative thoughts. They may feel like there’s “nothing they can do right,” or “they’re always a failure,” and so forth. “CBT” (or “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”) has been proven to help. With this therapy. The idea is that our feelings are influenced by both our behaviors as well as our thoughts. Thus, it’s possible to feel better by changing the way we both react and even think. 


Here at Revive Premier Treatment Center, we also offer what’s called “DBT” or “Dialectical Behavior Therapy.” It’s important to note that “DBT” isn’t necessarily an “opposite” of “CBT,” rather, it’s a more specific form of CBT. Many feel discomfort and pain in specific situations. To deal with those, they may take impulsive or even harmful actions. DBT, then, can help not only identify that which would trigger those feelings and actions but also be able to discover, develop, and utilize healthier responses. 

Family Therapy 

For many, their mental health concerns have led to stressful situations and interactions with their family. Our family therapy sessions are designed to create a safe, neutral space to be able to help all members of the family. Having a healthy support system, filled with love, care, and understanding, can be an invaluable tool in helping someone be able to lead the life that they want. 

A Therapy for You 

While the above are some of the more common therapies that are used in individualized treatment plans, we offer many, many others. For example, much of our therapy is focused around “skill building.” So many who come to us, even the most accomplished and intelligent, have important life skills that have atrophied or could benefit from further development and refinement. That’s also a focus of our “social skills” therapy, too. 

Mental Health Treatment Center

The Doors to Our Mental Health Treatment Center are Open 

What’s mentioned above are just some of the different therapies that we offer. It’s entirely possible that, when you or someone you love comes to Revive Premier Treatment Center, you’ll partake in all of those therapies or perhaps many others. When you arrive, we’ll put together a specific treatment plan for your needs. To learn more or to start the process, you can reach us at (818) 923-8243.

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