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Intransitive verb: Become active or flourishing again

What to expect the first couple of days

Clients in our program receive an individualized treatment plan based on our admission and intake process that includes a comprehensive evaluation. Clients’ mental health needs, along with any co-occurring disorders are all taken into account. Based on this evaluation, Licensed and Registered therapists make treatment recommendations for the appropriate level of care for each client and the goals a client needs to achieve and assist in sustaining recovery. Once intake is complete, a client will be assigned to a specific therapist that they will see regularly for individual sessions. Clients will also participate in daily group sessions and activities.

Why Us

Inclusiveness and diversity are a cornerstone of Revive Premier Treatment Center’s approach. We believe that everyone is capable of making a positive change in their lives, no matter their background, nationality, socioeconomic status, gender, religion or beliefs. We are proudly a safe space for all LGBTQIA+, individuals from varying cultures, individuals who have not been in treatment before, as well as those who have and anyone seeking treatment to make a better life for themselves and those around them. We offer individualized support for any of our clients specific needs. Our staff represents a diverse environment to help promote the world we all work and live in. With the caring and compassionate staff that we have, we offer unique and varying methods of treatment and care, all while utilizing evidence based practices.

about us
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