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Outpatient treatment programs


Are you looking for a treatment program that can help you to turn your life around? By that same token, are you concerned about spending so much time away from work or home? Here at Revive Premier Treatment Center, we don’t believe that you should have to choose. With our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), you’ll be able to receive tailored care from our leading expert staff all while returning to your bed at night. That’s just one of the many reasons that we’ve been able to help so many.

What Sets Our Intensive Outpatient Apart


For starters, it lives up to the time. We believe that an IOP should be genuinely “outpatient.” Thus, we work with you so that your treatment can fit your schedule. That way, you’ll be at home for the important events, at the times that you want to and need to be there. By that same token, we’ve had patients who are able to work their jobs as well. With this IOP, you’ll be able to have the skills and abilities necessary to better deal with depression, anxiety, PTSD and more, all while still being a part of the life you already have.

Incorporating the Whole “You”


However, we also believe that an IOP should be “intensive,” too. That means when you’re here, you’ll receive our best treatment. See, our luxurious West LA location only has room for six patients. That’s it. We do not allow more than that at any one time. That way, we’re able to provide the most individualized, personal treatment for each of our patients. You will get to know the members of our leading medical staff very well. Through this, there’s always time for them to provide compassionate, high-quality care for your mental health.

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Your Life, Your Community


Therapy is an important part of treatment, yes, but it’s far from the only kind of treatment that your IOP will consist of. For example, beyond the typical therapy that you might find at another IOP, here you’ll find neurofeedback therapy as well. With this, you’ll be able to both balance and strengthen your brain. Thus, you’ll have a better chance to not significantly lessen the stress in your life and improve your mental health in a natural, safe, and holistic way. This is just one of the alternative treatments we offer – there are many others.


When you arrive here, our medical staff may determine that neurofeedback is best for you. However, they may also decide that any number of other treatments are right for you or someone that you love. We provide genuinely individualized treatment that doesn’t just focus on a person’s mental health struggles. Rather, our treatment focuses on the whole person, the entire “you.” That way, we’re able to find the underlying causes and work with you to overcome them.

We’re Here for You 24/7

When you’re struggling with your mental health, one of the most challenging steps can be the first one. Simply calling us on the phone or sending us a message through our site can be so difficult. However, we’re here for you at all times, day or night.

intensive outpatient program
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