Our Team

Ani M. CEO

Ani decided to get into the field of recovery and mental health because she saw an extreme need to help the local community. After opening a transitional living space for those in need of safe and supportive housing, she decided to establish a facility where she could serve a much larger group and continue to help all that seek treatment. Ani is proud to bring Revive Premier Treatment Center to Los Angeles, to offer the highest quality of care in the field.

Kris F. Executive Director

Kris has worked in the mental/behavioral health field for over a decade and is proud to continue his work with Revive Premier Treatment Center as the Executive Director. He has earned his degree in psychology, while further honing his clinical skills studying at Arizona State University. Kris has extensive experience as a behavior therapist and operational leader working with a multitude of age groups and families struggling with rapid and prolonged behavioral changes. He has worked with many individuals facing addiction and believes in seeing the individual’s potential in recovery no matter their history. Utilizing skill building, whole-person approach and empathetic beliefs, Kris is excited to lead a team that ensures the best quality of care is provided to all who seek treatment.

Jessica C. Director Of Treatment Services

Jessica is a Los Angeles native. She grew up in Central L.A surrounded by culture and diversity. She earned her degree in Design and Art from Santa Monica College and then transferred to California State University of Northridge where she majored in Psychology, with a minor in Fine Arts. While working on her undergraduate studies, Jessica worked with individuals with different psycho-dynamics extensively. After obtaining her degree she began working in public schools after seeing a demand for skilled and dedicated individuals with the education and knowledge she possessed. Jessica has worked with children, adolescents , and adults in the mental health field for over 12 years, including exclusively in the substance abuse/recovery field for the past few years. Jessica is proud to continue her work with Revive Premier Treatment Center to further her experience and expertise in the mental health field in a compassionate and supportive way for all who seek treatment regardless of their gender, nationality, differences or background.

Natily D. LMFT, Primary Therapist

Natily has worked in the field of psychology with teens, adults, couples and families within a variety of roles and settings for the last 15 years. Natily has extensive experience working with multi-culturally diverse individuals, teens, families and couples of all ages. She has worked extensively in the field of substance abuse and mental health for the past few years. Natily takes that experience into her work as a psychotherapist as she takes on a humanistic and relational approach to working with clients. Natily incorporates the science behind positive psychology and optimism into every aspect of the therapeutic journey. Natily also utilizes DBT, CBT, neuroscience, motivational interviewing and mindfulness into her practice with clients. Natily believes pairing these evidenced based practices with warmth, unconditional positive regard, empathy, and curiosity truly brings about the hope and change clients want to make in their lives.

Henrik P. Driver

Henrik (Henry) is the driver for Revive Premier Treatment Center. Safety is Henry’s top priority and he shows it everyday when providing safe, reliable and comfortable transportation for all clients. Henry utilizes his many years experience as a professional driver to ensure quality care and attention is always given. 

Lisa S. LMFT, Primary Therapist

Lisa graduated Summa cum laude from California State University Northridge completing a Masters in Counseling degree. Lisa continued on with her education and is now licensed in the state of California as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Lisa specializes in working with addiction and mental health i.e., trauma/PTSD issues specific to working with adolescents & adults. Lisa strives help people recognize pitfalls in communication, how to empathetically listen to yourself and others, and how to protect against the negative strategies of criticism, withdrawal, defensiveness, and anger.

She teach healthy communication tools within a relationship as well as positive self-talk for when the relationship with ourselves begins to breakdown and we can feel lost and confused.
Lisa believes a safe haven and a supportive environment are necessary to delve further into the issues that are affecting our lives. She feel’s it is important to identify the obstacles that inhibit the need for connection and intimacy in your life. When we attain more of an awareness about ourselves and others, there is room for change.

Diana D. LMFT, Clinical Director

Diana is a skilled and compassionate professional with a passion for helping others. Diana specializes in Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused CBT and motivational interviewing. She holds a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Philips Graduate University and a B.A in psychology from UC Irvine, Diana has over 7 years of experience in the field many of which are as a supervisor. Diana is excited to bring her years of varying experience and education to Revive Premier Treatment Center to help it continue to grow and serve Los Angeles and beyond.

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